Woman driving

I Failed My Driving Test 10 Times

I wanted to pass now, more than ever before. I told myself I would pass. And an hour later, I did pass. It may have taken me ten failed attempts and more than a thousand pounds in lessons and tests, but I got there in the end!

artist inspiring self love

The Artist inspiring Self Love

“As a woman we never love our body for what it is.” Those are the words of South African artist, Sian Amber Fletcher, who’s inspiring self-love through her powerful illustrations of the naked female body.

travel friends for life

How To Make Travel Friends

When I first began travelling one of the questions I used to get asked by my friends and family back in England was, “How do you make friends while travelling on my own?”

If you’ve never travelled solo, you might be thinking it must get very lonely and boring because you’re by yourself nearly all of the time. In fairness, it can get lonely, but the actual being ‘alone’ part couldn’t be further from the truth.