21 Thoughts I Had Whilst Running the Hanoi Half

Last week I did it. I completed the Hanoi Half Marathon. It was the third 21km race I’ve taken part in and despite feeling like poo, (I’ve been quite ill recently) I somehow managed to beat my PB! Last year I ran in 2 hours 5 mins. This year I managed to knock 3 whole minutes off my time. Hello new PB of 2 hours 2 minutes.

post hanoi half marathon
Post-run, sweaty selfie

The thing I love most about running is how relaxed I feel. I mean, I didn’t even think twice about the chest infection, sore throat or runny nose I had at the time. Any bad or negative thoughts kind of just disappear when I’m running. Although that’s not to say I stop thinking entirely. Running is definitely my thinking time. It’s like my mind goes into overdrive and thinks about the smallest and simplest of things.

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Strong after the marathon
Another medal for the collection

So while my feet were clocking up 21km, my thoughts were running up a list of their own.

Here are 21 thoughts that ran through my mind as I chased towards 21km during the Hanoi Half Marathon.

1. *Less than one minute into the run* I should have invested in some better headphones. Why are my ear holes so tiny they can’t stay in? 🎧

2. Maybe that’s just what you get for cheap £2 ones 🤑

3. *To the man in front of me* How are you running without any shoes? 👣

4. Aren’t your feet cold? I hope you don’t step in any glass, or dog poo. 💩 Or squished dead rats – there are quite a few of those on the roads here.

5. *When I see Superwoman running* Fancy dress! Why didn’t I think to dress up? Next time 💃🏽

6. *To the man who zoomed past me, 10km in* How do you still smell so good? Is your sweat aftershave-scented?! 👃🏽

7. I really need to see a foot doctor about these clicky ankles. 👨🏻‍⚕️

8. Good playlist Maya. You did good. 🙌

9. It’s such a brilliant cloudy, cold day for running ☁️

During the Hanoi Half Marathon

10 . I hope I don’t get knocked over by a motorbike (road closures for marathons don’t exist in Hanoi. Health & safety… what’s that?) 🏍

Running along the street

11. I hope I don’t run out of tissues. This snotty nose needs to stop being so snotty, or I’ll be forced to do something very disgusting that I don’t want to do 🤧

12. *After seeing a woman on the sidewalk selling fresh coconuts* As soon as I’m finished I’m having one of those🍹

13. Is the electronic timing chip still on my trainer? *Looks down to check every few km’s* 🏷

Is my chip still on?

14. I’m hungry. What shall I have for dinner tonight? 🍔

15. Yay I don’t have to go into work later! 👩🏻‍🏫

16. I should have stretched properly. My legs already hurt 🙆🏻

17. Now my back hurts 👀

18. Stop complaining Maya. Think about the full body massage you’ll be getting tonight. Ooooh 💆🏻

19. I love running. And I love these new Adidas boost trainers. They really do lift you up. But I think they should be called ‘bounce’, they’re more on the bouncy side than the boosty 👟

20. 200 metres to go Maya *puts some Eminem on, gets into the zone and sprints* 💨🏃🏻‍♀️

21. YAY I can see the finishing line/ corner thing. *gets to the corner and sees a steep hill* WHAT THE HELL IS THIS! An uphill sprint to the finishing line?! YOU’VE GOT THIS MAYA 💪🏽🏁

Do you have the same thoughts as me when you’re running? Does your mind wander off in a world of its own? Leave a comment below.

Thanks to Sporting Republic for organising the brilliant Hanoi Half Marathon event.



Post Hanoi Half Marathon foot soak
Post-run, ice cold foot soak.
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  1. When I go for long walk (I can’t run no more-my mind says go kid go but my body says slow down when I am out of breath after 200 meters), I think about new challenges in my life, how the kids have grown up and flown away, one to Vietnam for the last 12 months.

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