Airport Wi-Fi Passwords On One Single Map


A travel bloggin’, computer security Engineer, who’s been exploring the world for the past 9 years, has created a map that everyone wants to get their hands on. No, it doesn’t show where the worlds secret treasure lies, but it does show a list of every airport’s WI-FI passwords. And I guess that’s pretty valuable too! Because who really wants to spend long hours in an airport without internet access? Don’t all raise your hands at once.

Finding an open WI-FI connection can be a real pain in the ass. Sometimes you’ll need a password, might have to sign up to a mailing list or provide your local phone number. In most cases, we don’t even have the latter.

And being stuck in an airport for hours without the internet is one of my pet peeves whilst I’m travelling. But Anil Polat has found the solution to that on his map which already shows more than 300 airport WI-FI passwords.


The interactive map offers users WI-FI passwords of networks in airports all over the world. 

The interactive map allows its users to search within it for the passwords. It’s been put together by Polat after he asked people to send in any tips, changes or additions to airport WI-FI passwords.


And the map is really simple to use. All you have to do is click on your specific airport, and the information about the available network connections will pop up. 

I know you might be thinking, “How am I supposed to get onto the map if it’s online, and I haven’t got internet access to get online in the first place?”. Well, that’s why there’s a downloadable, offline version as well. So make sure you keep this handy and downloaded before you travel.


The interactive map shows passwords from airport lounges, clubs, restaurants, cafes and shops. 


It’s also regularly updated, so even if an airport isn’t listed today, it probably will be soon enough. 

And with that being said, Polat is always urging readers and fans online to send him any lounge or other access point passwords. That way he can keep the map up-to-date and allow future travellers to stay connected. If you’ve got a password to share with him, you can do so here.

Enjoy the free WI-FI and happy travelling folks!

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