Climbing Mount Snowdon: A Beginners Guide For The Family

Sister, me, dad, cousins

On a lovely summers day, me and my sister, dad and two cousins headed for Snowdonia in Wales. With more food than we could possibly imagine, and all the layers of clothes (minus my sister forgetting her rain jacket), we were on our way to climbing Mount Snowdon. When we got there we were greeted with dull, greyish skies, a little glimpse of the intense weather conditions that were to follow. 


  • avoid the rush and start early
  • check the weather regularly
  • have a list of alternate car parks (they fill up really quickly on a good day) 
  • have change for the bus if you’re parking away and need a ride to the start of the track – we did this!
  • if you’ve got walking sticks hiking poles, TAKE THEM!
  • there are no toilets on the route
  • take advice / listen to more experienced hikers if the weather conditions change 

The Route:
Ascend – PYG Track
Descend – Miners Track

We had decided to take the PYG trail up to the summit and the Miners track back down. We’re definitely a mixed bunch and very far from what you might call walkers or hikers, so we went for the most common route beginners usually take to reach the top.

On our way to the summit via PYG track

Bad Weather Struck

A lot of people take the train down after reaching the peak. Whilst we were only halfway up the mountain, we’d heard that the train had been stopped for the day, the cafe at the summit had been closed and many people with children were turning around and heading back down before even reaching the top because of the windy weather conditions. 

Where we had to leave dad to head back down to the base.

My dad decided to head back down at the halfway point as it was far too windy and getting tougher for him to continue. Myself and the rest of the family continued on our hike to the top, but it wasn’t an easy climb. 

After reaching the summit we came back down via Miners track. It takes a little longer, but the path is flat once you get to the bottom reservoir. 

Mount Snowdon summit. It took us 3 hours to climb up to and we spent 30 seconds at the top because my sister was scared we would blow off the top of the mountain) 😂

Enjoy the video below to see how our climbing Mount Snowdon went! MUSIC BY: Music: Skyline by Ikson
EDITED BY: Miss Globetrotter


Sister. Sister.

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