Do You Believe In Magic?

Until a few weeks ago I liked the idea of magic, but I wasn’t a true believer.

And I’m not talking about tricks or fantasy Harry Potter magic. I’m talking about the real deal. The spiritual, supernatural, out of this world stuff.

So, do YOU believe in magic?

Be completely honest with yourself for a second and just think about that question.

Have you ever experienced something and thought, “Wow! I can’t believe that just happened. It must be magic!”

If you answered yes then you’ll mostly likely relate to this blog post.

Magical experiences

Maybe you haven’t experienced anything like that, maybe your a skeptic and don’t believe in magic, well that’s ok too. Don’t stop reading just because you think this post may not be for you. At least hear my story out.

The reason I’m talking about magic is because I’m currently reading The Magic by Rhonda Byrne. You may have heard about or read some of her other books including The Secret, The Power and Hero.

Well, I started reading The Magic after a suggestion from a few friends, and it’s reignited the flame of magic that I once held when I was a kid.

It was like magic

As soon as I picked up The Magic and had got through the first few pages I knew this book was for me. And that has nothing to do with the fact that I had walked into a second hand book store, asked the Vietnamese owner if he had a copy of the book, (not really expecting to find one, because it is Vietnam after all), only for him to tell me “You’re in luck, we’ve just had one copy arrive.” Perhaps that was the first act of magic.


An exercise a day keeps the magic alive

Anyway, going back to the book, it’s basically a guided 28 day journey which contains knowledge that you can apply to different areas of your life such as your health, wealth, career and love life. It gives you all these little tips, nuggets of information, and little magical exercises to implement into your daily routine to help you get the most out of these various areas in your life.

Essentially there’s 28 exercises for each of the days on the journey. So that’s about 2-3 pages dedicated to an exercise each day. At the end of the book you’ll have gained the magical knowledge to help and improve your lifestyle if thats what you’re looking for, or hoping to achieve.

Shop for The Magic on Amazon right now.

Review of The Magic

The reason I like this book is because it’s so easy and simple to read. The daily exercises are just amazing. In just a few weeks of beginning to read this book, and start this 28-day journey I’m already seeing massive changes in myself. Changes in my attitude and the way I carry myself. I’m usually quite a positive person anyway and this book has just heightened my positivity and gratitude towards everything that’s got me to where I am today, and everything else that’s to follow.

One of the things I absolutely love about this book is the daily ‘Count Your Blessings’ exercise. Each day you have to write out a list of 10 things you’re grateful for. These can be anything. There’s no such thing as too big, or too small. So every day I write a list on the notes section in my phone and if there’s a point in any day where I’m feeling a little low or sad I just go to my phone, open up the notes and remind myself that I have so much in life to be grateful for and just like that, like magic, my attitude immediately changes.

So today I’m sharing my ‘Count Your Blessings’ list…

1.I am grateful for the sunshine and hot weather. Although it’s over 30 degrees C, and I’m sweating like crazy here, I’m thankful that summer has finally arrived in Hanoi.

2. I am thankful to live with such cool, friendly and open minded girls. Last night we had our first ‘house meal’ together and it was amazing! Not only the food, but the conversations too.

3. I’m grateful for the yummy leftovers in our fridge from last night! That’s lunch sorted.

magic is alive with friends
The beautiful girls I call roomies

the magic is alive…

4. I’m grateful to the water guy for replacing our water jugs so quickly and efficiently. It’s so hot here, and drinking tap water is unsafe. So we have to order water. In the past it’s taken 2 days for the water to arrive. In this heat, we would probably collapse of dehydration if we had to wait two days.

5. I’m thankful of this balcony I’m sitting on right now, writing this blog post. It’s beautiful, relaxing and so chilled.

6. I’m thankful for the blue skies that I see when I look up.

7. I’m so thankful for the fresh air I can breathe in today. Pollution levels are down today.

8. I’m so grateful for technology. To be able to communicate with friends and family all over the world. Talking of family,

9. I’m forever grateful to my parents for providing me with constant love and support despite being thousands of miles away from home, and wanting me to go home and not live so far away from them.

10. I’m thankful for the opportunities that have led me here and are allowing me to live my best life.

So that’s my list. Here’s an exercise for anyone reading this post, write out a list of 10 things you’re grateful for today. And if you want, feel free to share your list in the comment section below. It would be so cool to see your thoughts 🙂

Would you give magic a go?

And if you fancy giving this a read you can shop for the book by clicking on it below.
Thanks for stopping by and reading.
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Current location: Enjoying life in 35 degree weather, topping up the tan and writing on here 🙂

maya magic selfie
10 year plan diary
For all of us, the next 10 years will pass before we know it. My 10 year plan isn't quite
Mom - this one's for you - so you better read it... I may not be there to celebrate this


  1. I’m so disappointed we never sat down and actually talked. We would have realized we have something in common. I have a journalism degree and worked in journalism for years, most recently freelancing for different magazines. I really enjoyed your post, and I’m going to work on being more grateful for all that’s around me.

    1. Hey Cristin! Looks like we’ve got a lot in common 🙂 Where in the world do you live? Love your attitude. It’s never too late to be thankful & grateful 🤗

  2. Hello, how was your journey?
    Your blog post came up when I searched for the magic by rhonda byrne keywords.
    I have been practicing this since 2011. 🙂 I have manifested a lot and life I want. I am so thrilled to read your 10 blessings. most of them I haven’t written and reminded me of the things i needed be thankful for like the water guy here that delivers every 3 days. 🙂 Thank you for sharing your Magical experience. Have a blessed day!

    1. Hey Angkulitko! Thanks so much for reading my blog post and your kind words 🙂 I love doing the daily gratitude lists. Hope you have a magical experience too! 🙌🏽

  3. Thank you for an inspiring post! I must reconnect with ‘The Magic’ again. It’s not a long book, but it contains so many good ideas! 🙂

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