How Travel Changed Me

Travelling isn’t always as fun as my Instagram pictures may look. There are a lot of ups and downs. It’s hard and confusing at times. In fact, without even realising, travel changed me.

You go out there to see the world. To explore; meet people; try new food and see how the rest of the world live.
But when you go out there and see how the rest of the world live, you begin to question how you’ve been living.

We travellers don’t go out there looking for new opinions. Instead those new perspectives are simply formed by what we see and experience around us.

Travel in Thailand

Simple changes

Things we once considered as the most important in life start to lose their value, and soon other elements take their place.

Take the dream job for instance. Why is it still a mere dream? If you want it, go for it and let nothing hold you back, or stop you in your quest to achieve it. Maybe you’ve done all you could and you still can’t get where you want to be? Well don’t stop, it may just be that right now isn’t your time. But what about people?

Friendships will be tested

Best friends you’ve shared your deepest, darkest secrets with. The ones you’ve grown up with, shared years of memories with, who understood you like no one else before. You’ll also begin to change in their eyes.

Travel changed me

You’re opinions will evolve and you may not think the same things anymore. You are living different lives now and the way you think about things may never be the same again – but that’s ok. My dad always said never forget the friends who’ve been there from day one. So no matter what their opinions may be, it’s good to be open minded, listen to their reasonings and have an open debate. After all there’s a reason you’ve been friends for so long.

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And new friendships will evolve

Friends you make while travelling will change and some will become more like family. They’ll be there for you when you’re down, they’ll pick you up when you fall, they’ll be waiting at the bar with a gin & tonic after what felt like the longest day at work. The list could go on. A good friend out here once said “Family chosen by choice can be a bond stronger than blood” – I couldn’t agree more!

Me and Amanda
Me and Amanda with our bunny eye masks

Where I come from, we’re told many things whilst we’re growing up.

  1. go to school and get an education.
  2.  go to university and get a degree.
  3. get a good job.
  4.  save up and get on the property ladder.
  5. find someone, get married and start to build a family.

Society has created these list of things and made us believe it’s the ‘norm’ to follow them. But when we don’t follow them we’re often judged and questioned for the choices we make and the direction we’re heading.

But what is the right direction?

The 23 year-old me, last year would have said the list above is the right direction.

The 24 year old me, right now, disagrees.

Everyone is different. Everyone is capable of achieving anything they truly want. All they need is confidence and a positive mind.

sunset in Hanoi
Hanoi is home for now

There isn’t a right or wrong answer. Just as there isn’t a checklist we must follow in life.

What you do is your own choice. So don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Be open with your opinions and thoughts, but don’t be closed minded to others.

When I started travelling 169 days ago I never in a million years thought travel would change me.

Travel changed me.

But I’m glad it has. I’m glad it’s made me more open-minded. I’ve seen things I’ve wished I hadn’t, but equally, I’ve seen and experienced truly amazing things I never thought was possible.

Travelling can be confusing. But it’s also the most incredible thing that you can do to open your mind and truly learn about the world.

Have you had similar experiences or felt that travel has changed you? Don’t be shy to share your story in the comments below. We’re all in the same boat 🚣


Current location: on the move in Hanoi

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  1. I fully agree with 1, 2 and 3.
    My home is yours. you don’t have to go on property ladder.
    And getting married ? You don’t have to. Save me lots of ££££££££££££. Just joking.
    Enjoy my girl. This is what you are – and here I thought you were going to runaway to join Circus when you were only 10! Bless you
    Just keep in touch and that is a request not an order !
    Dad- LYA xx

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