I Failed My Driving Test 10 Times

Whilst having a major clear out in my bedroom at my Mom & Dad’s house last week, I stumbled upon some failed driving test documents. 10 pieces of paper, for the 10 separate occasions I’d failed my test. I don’t know why I kept these, however I’m so glad that I did because failing so many times, so early on in life taught me a very valuable lesson. 

I Failed My Driving Test

When I failed my first driving test my confidence was knocked.

When I failed my 2nd test, my confidence took another hit. I being the eager beaver that I am, I thought perhaps third time I’d be lucky. Guess what? 

However, I wasn’t so lucky.

So when I failed my 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th driving tests I came home and cried. 

My Confidence Hit Rock Bottom

I didn’t think anyone could fail so many times. How could anyone fail so many times? I didn’t know anyone who had! 

Anyway, I continued. Perhaps with the wrong mindset. As I went into my 8th and 9th driving tests, I went in, thinking I was going to fail. And surprise, surprise, I did.

I doubted myself and I no longer cared about failing. My 10th driving test began and ended exactly the same way as all the others before it. 

Woman not failing her driving test

A Commitment To Succeed

But what kept me going was a commitment to myself. I knew my driving really wasn’t that bad. Nerves had just got the better of me. So on my 11th test I walked into that test centre differently. I was calmer and wasn’t going to let nerves take over again.

I wanted to pass now, more than ever before. Above all, I told myself I would pass. And an hour later, I did pass. I felt relieved, happy, confident and above all, I felt grateful.

Adios ‘L Plates’

It may have taken me ten failed attempts and more than a thousand pounds in lessons and tests, but I got there in the end! 

Having a driving licence opened up so many doors for me. It led me to my first paid job in children’s television several years ago. And just recently, having a driving licence enabled me to buy my own car in Australia and do a road trip along the East Coast. That in itself was a once in a lifetime experience that no amount of money could ever buy. 

new car, australia
Getting ready for the East coast road trip

I believe failure taught me the importance of perseverance. Failing 10 times taught me to never stop believing in myself. Never stop going after what it is I truly want. Although the road may be long and seem like an uphill battle, it just goes to show, perseverance pays off! 

I hope you liked this read! 

Have you ever experienced failure? If you have, how did you get through it? Leave a comment below 👇 👇

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