How To Manifest More Travel Into Your Life: 10 Powerful Affirmations

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Over the last year I’ve become a strong believer in the power of manifestation.

After picking up a copy of ‘The Magic’ (you can read about my experience with the book here), I’ve seen a huge shift in my mindset and as a result, my lifestyle. 

But, I’m still the same person. I’ve just become more grateful for the opportunities that have come into my path. Even when problems have emerged, I’ve been able to adopt a positive attitude and still find gratitude in the small things. Through daily affirmations, this has enabled me to manifest more into my life. 

Since blogging, vlogging and sharing my travel stories online I’ve had a lot of people reach out to me saying the same thing: “I wish I could travel more.” 

Of course, everyone has their own reasons that keep them from travelling such as money, family commitments, not being able to take the time off work etc. But I’m also a big believer that living the travel life of your dreams begins BEFORE you step foot anywhere.
It begins with the thoughts inside your mind. 

Maya whitsundays beach sea

Your thoughts are powerful and have the ability to influence both the good and bad experiences in your life. 

And affirmations are powerful phrases that can help you to reprogram your subconscious mind, improve your mood and manifest more positive things into your life. 

Afterall, a positive attitude is essential when travelling! Take it from me, I’ve been in some awful situations and rough experiences while travelling, but by keeping a positive mindset I’ve been able to stay safe and eliminate some major stress. 

So without further ado, here are my 10 affirmations to manifest more travel into your life. 

Happy travels to the future! 

1. I AM thankful for the time I have available to travel.

Thankful for time

2. I AM happy when I travel ALONE and also with great company from FRIENDS or FAMILY.

Happy for company

3. I AM grateful that I travel SAFELY to every destination.

Grateful for safety

4. I AM full of EXCITEMENT as I travel and explore everything this world has to offer. 

Travel and excitement

5. I AM able to find PEACE when I travel.

Peace and travel

6. I AM CURIOUS when I travel and this often leads to unexpected stories with brilliant people.

Curious travel

7. I AM thankful for all the RESOURCES available to me that allow me to travel. 

grateful for resources

8. I AM grateful for the JOURNEY as well as the destination. 

grateful for the journey

9. I AM thankful for the HELP and guidance I always receive when I have a problem. 

grateful for help

10. I AM grateful for the MONEY I have which allows me to travel. 

grateful for money

After say each affirmation out loud remember to say ‘Thank You’ 3 times.

As always thanks so much for stopping by and taking a read. I hope these 10 affirmations will help you manifest more travel into your life!

And if you use affirmations, don’t forget to leave me a comment below. 


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