I’m Pretty Sure I Have THE Best Family and Friends

bye bye family and friends
Me with my mom, dad, sister, brother-in-law and nephew

What a way to start a trip of a lifetime. After a lovely farewell at the airport from my parents, sister, nephew, brother-in-law and best friend Jess and her lovely hubby Jon, I waited around for my delayed flight, for what felt like hours and hours. It was only delayed by 30 minutes but when you’ve never flown by yourself and you’re a little nervous anyway it felt like a very long time!

Off I go…

Before I left my sister gave me a USB – the only instruction I was given was ‘At 30,000ft plug it in and watch the video’. I didn’t know what to expect – I thought it would be my nephew Neel (who’s a very clever 2 year old) singing his alphabet.

Waiting to set off – anxiously waiting to reach 30,000ft in the sky, it was nearly time.

skyscanner generic 728x90
Flying high

I plugged in the stick and instantly smiled. It wasn’t my cheeky nephew singing A… A… Apple… B… B… Ball, as much as I would have loved that, instead I was greeted by smiling familiar faces.

Turns out my best friend Jess had asked my close family and friends to record going away tips and advice for me.

best friends
With Jessica & Jon

Feeling very nervous, and very alone – 30,000ft up in the air this made me smile, laugh out loud, cry and feel truly blessed!

Thank you to all my family and friends who left me a video message. I love you all and won’t forget all the brilliant advice. I WILL call home and I WILL stay safe! Massive massive thank you to you Jess – this is why you’re the bestest friend ememenemy in the whole wide world… I’ll try my hardest not replace you as a best friend, but I can’t promise anything I’m afraid!

Watch the video below:



Current location: Blogging from my hotel bed, Bangkok

P.S. For all those who said they’d bail me out if I run out of money – thank you, I’ll remember that 😉

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