The 10 Year Plan

10 year plan diary

Degree →  Job  →  Career →  House →  Husband →  Kids . 

That was my 10 year plan. And after just a few years, that plan has gone very much out of the window.

Last weekend I went to the North-West of England to visit family I’d not seen in over a year.

Before getting married, my mom grew up in the North West with her 6 brothers and sisters. Yes, quite the big family we have! Anyway apart from my mom, all of her siblings still live up north.

So while I’m back in England me and mom decided to spend a weekend with her family. We all got together at one of my uncle’s houses. It was lovely catching up with everyone, seeing how much things had changed, or not, and share my travel stories.

But there’s one of thing that’s been playing on my mind since I came back home. It was something that one of my aunts said.

She asked me: “What’s your 10-year plan?”

Without even thinking I replied: “10-year plan? That went out of the window quite a while ago”.

But while it was in existence, it consisted of something along the lines of: get a degree; find a decent job; pass my driving test / get a car; build a career; get onto the property ladder; get married; have a child or two.

Now that’s not to say I don’t want those things anymore. It’s just that none of the above are currently a priority.

But it got me thinking, what is my plan?

planner map

What is it that I want to do?

If in 10 years I’m healthy, get to see family & friends as often as I wish, and have enough money to do the things I enjoy then I’ll be content. If I’m content, I’ll be happy. And isn’t being happy the most important thing? 🤔

Dad, I know you’ll be reading this thinking “Oh gosh, my daughter has definitely turned into a hippie!” (FYI he’s been calling me a hippie since I returned back from Vietnam a few weeks ago 🙄)

I may have a ‘hippie-ish’ lifestyle, but I don’t think I’m quite there just yet. I still love the finer things in life; shoppin’ till i’m droppin’, boozy brunches with the girlfriends, the monthly mani-pedi and let’s not forget SHOPPING. I think I’ve just changed the way I think about life.

A slight change

From a young age I always thought I knew what I wanted. A career in the media industry.

And although I did know exactly what I wanted, I didn’t know exactly who I was.

When I was working in television I had a brilliant mentor who was always willing to share his pearls of wisdom to help me succeed. One of the things I remember him saying was how crucial it is to establish who you are within the industry.

What kind of person are you? What’s your brand? What do you represent? What do you stand for?

I thought always found myself thinking about these questions, but found it difficult to give an honest answer. Until now that is.

Having time away, spending a lot of it out of my comfort zone, having new experiences, and being bolder has really helped me get to know myself again.

I know the things I like, and the things I don’t. I may not know what I want in the future, but I know who I am and what’s important to me.

So what about this 10-year plan?

When I think of the next 10 years the first thing that pops into my head is “WOW. I’m going to be my sisters age and she’s OLD” (No offence Kia, at least you’ve still got youth on your side 🙊)

But seriously, it is hard to imagine what I’ll be doing in ten years time. Where will I be living? In England? In another country? On another continent? Will I still have the travel bug? Will I be working? What will I be doing? Will I be in a relationship? Or even married with children?

It’s easy to get caught up in thinking about our future, but what our future is made of really comes down to the choices we make in the short term. The choices we make today. No matter how big or small a decision may be, over the years the decisions we make will accumulate to represent our life.

Where does the 10-year plan fit in?

Even though I’ve got zero idea of what exactly I want to achieve in 10 years time I do know that I want the following:


2. love – family

3. health

4. success

5. friends

6. wealth

If like me you’re guilty of looking at your friends or people your age and comparing your success to theirs, well stop right now. It will do you no good.

If you’re worried that you don’t have a 10-year plan because you don’t know what you want in ten years, again stop worrying. It’s ok to not know exactly what you want. It’s ok to figure it out along the way.

Your 10-year plan doesn’t have to be perfect. In fact, I’m sure a bit of spontaneity is more fun anyway.

With that in mind I’ve made the following list to help me keep track of who I am now, and what I’ll become in 10 years time.

1. Money money money

money plan

Stop living paycheck to paycheck and start saving more. Every month putting away a bit of extra cash and spending less on unnecessary things. That’s not to say don’t enjoy your money, because if you have it, it’s there to be enjoyed. It’s just about being responsible with saving and spending.

One of my motto’s: if you can’t afford it now, don’t buy it.

2. Fit & Healthy

fit plan

Eating well and doing exercise regularly is great, but why stop there. Why not push yourself and find something to really suck your teeth into. Perhaps try out a new sport or exercise. Join a new gym or fitness class. Watch and follow a new fitness guru on YouTube or perhaps download a new exercise App on your phone.

Sometimes switching things up and trying something a little different is an even better way to stay fit and healthy. It can add a level of excitement a mundane routine.

3. Relationships

friendship plan

People will come, and people will go. That’s just the way the world revolves. Your family will be with you through the good and the bad, but it’s also important to have a strong support system of friends. Friends who are honest, encouraging and push you to succeed. But don’t take these friendships for granted. Invest in them and be there for them when they might need you too.

4. Have ‘Me Time’

education plan

Just because you don’t know what you want in 10 years time, it doesn’t have to mean you can’t do something you enjoy doing right now. Spend time doing something you love. Whether its cooking or writing or any strange hobby you may have, invest time in it. Spend a little time each day doing something you enjoy. And don’t feel guilty for having time alone. For 1) it’ll make you happy and 2), you never know where it could lead. Perhaps a page of writing you do each day could end up being published into a book in 10 years time. Who knows!

5. Be Experimental

experimental plan

Success always starts with a seed of an idea. Let’s call that idea an experiment. Sometimes things will work, other times they won’t.

We all see the world differently and have our own thoughts and opinions. Whether those ideologies are built into us from our upbringing, or whether we choose them ourselves, we all have the ability to see the world differently. So don’t be afraid to be bold, and be brave. Don’t be fearful of experimenting and trying something new. Take up a new hobby, visit a new destination, try out a new cuisine, learn to play an instrument, read different books, watch a movie in another language. Whatever it is, just try something new. Experimenting and being open to trying new things can only ever be a good thing. – Just make sure whatever it is you’re experimenting with, or trying out is legal!

For all of us, the next 10 years will pass before we know it. Whether we’ve got a 10-year plan and know exactly what we want to achieve in 10 years, or we haven’t got the faintest of ideas, it’s good to have an idea of things we want to focus our time on.

Do you have a 10-year plan? Or are you like me and you’re still figuring it all out? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

Thanks for stopping by and reading.



Current location: Morning blogging (although the picture below was taken outside of my home the other night)

ten year plan

P.S. – Sushi Masi: If you’re reading this, although I haven’t got a concrete idea of exactly what I want to have achieved in 10 years time, you’ve got me thinking about the future and I’m thankful for the reminder to keep me heading on the right path ahead! 🤗

Mom - this one's for you - so you better read it... I may not be there to celebrate this


  1. 10year plan ? I had 10 year plan and you were one of them.

    I now have 5 year plan.
    1 Look after Neel and Nina and see them growing up.
    2 Build a house back ‘Home’, I can take you to India and saw you around where I grew up.
    3 See you fulfil your dreams and be there for you hopefully you getting married and have children – I can then have another 5 yeas plan – looking after your children and Neel + Nina + ? if Kia decides to have one or two more.
    4 Come and visit you wherever you decide to galavant !
    Dad – ALY

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